About Us

Dalia Nursing College Bogura is approved by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and Nursing and Midwifery Council and affiliated to Rajshahi Medical University. Rajshahi Medical University has been conducting the examination procedure, examination evaluation and education program according to the prescribed rules. The main objective of the institution is to educate students in higher education through hands-on practical education. The institution is playing an important role in transforming the poor and backward students of Bangladesh including Bogura into skilled human resources by educating them in higher education. As a result, these students are enriching the country by participating in the development of the country and the country is earning a large amount of foreign exchange through the export of manpower abroad. Dalia Nursing College is located in the heart of Bogura city. The vast state-of-the-art campus is being managed in a very disciplined manner by a group of skilled Teachers, Officers, Staff along with the director since 2008. Ensuring round-the-clock power supply through its own generator, library with sufficient essential books and well-equipped laboratories with modern equipments, the medical campus houses around five hundred students studying various health related courses. The entire campus is monitored by round-the-clock CCTV cameras. Also, we have our own “Saic General Hospital, Bogura” to provide hands-on training opportunities to the students to enhance their practical skills. The organization is working tirelessly to ensure public health care and reduce unemployment by developing qualified health workers with the slogan “We will create skilled health workers, service is our main goal”.
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